Examples Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The classic American novel “To kill a Mockingbird” relates to the era of the Great Depression which as we know was an era in which racism toward black men was at its peak, due to that white supremacy was very noticeable. We can observe how some of the character of this best seller are very racist, during the story in causal events that black and white men should have equal opportunity to win the colored person has no chance at all, there were places just for white or black people and the areas for white men were impeccable and had more resources that the black venues could ever imagine, and lastly the lack of education toward colored people was very pronounced.
Education, a fundamental human right according to UNESCO was taken away of black men, that is why the majority of the colored man were not lawyers nor doctors. Everyone should have the right to know how to write and read, the majority of black men died without knowing. The small percentage of people that knew how to read and write learned because someone who was white had taught them, it had nothing to do with school.“ Jem said it looked like they could save the collection money for a year and get some hymn books. Calpurnia laughed. “Wouldn’t do any good,” she said. “They can’t read.” “Can’t read” I asked “ All of those folks?” “That’s right Calpurnia nodded.” (Lee 124).This event took place in Calpurnia’s church that was called “First Purchased”, the meaning of the name is because it was the first African American
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