Examples Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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What racisms in US at that period was influenced “Tom Robinson trial” in the novel To kill a mockingbird? The aspects and backgrounds of racism in US influenced the novel “To kill the mockingbird” The content of the book called To kill the mockingbird by Harper Lee is including racism of black people, such as Tom Robinson trial. Middle of the Great Depression, this book was published by Harper Lee’s background since he was young. The book was written about growing period of a young girl and racism. Those concepts are all tied up to inform how good and evil and co-exist. This book published 1930’s, which influenced variety of racisms before that time period such as Ku Klux Klan and Jews massacre. This paper will talk about which events were happened before this book published. Firstly, after Civil War ends, it became called as the Reconstruction. Soldiers were sent by American government to southern states with a purpose to protect the African Americans and their newly won freedom. Even though, they were partially free, most of them couldn’t escape from poverty and in very unpleasant conditions. In the South they cultivated land and could possess some part of growing crops because they worked like sharecroppers, and farmers in the white people’s farm. However, whites continued to discriminate the African Americans. Which unfair condition for them were blacks cannot attend the same schools or church as white people, also they expelled from voting. During the second half of
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