Examples Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the South towards the 1930´s there was a lot going on. People suffered from The Great Depression and became gloomy. So many people lost their jobs and business´s went bankrupt. Money became a big issue and families had a hard time trying to stay alive and healthy. Farmers had no other choice but to grow cotton because it was an only resource to them. This was a time where prejudice was around and how white´s were ignorant to others. How white´s were racist and rude, especially to colored people. Black´s were scared of white people because of all the criticizing and crucialness. Even though white people were ranked higher than everyone else, both white and black people had hard times trying to maintain their families. Civil rights was also a part of the 1930´s like how colored people tried to gain equal rights for everyone. And how they were trying to gain equalization for education, opportunities for jobs, to get better houses, and rights to vote. Colored people wanted freedom from slavery, because this was a fight that went on for years. Racism which hurt each other´s feelings that led to arguments and wanting one thing, equality. Where white people and black people were separated into two different worlds. And people needing freedom from how the way they were treated with no respect, no equality, no rights, and racism which is shown throughout the book. The novel To Kill A Mockingbird took place in a small town Maycomb, Alabama which meant different rights to
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