Examples Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Great Depression, racial injustice, woman rights, all of this was going on during the time period that To Kill a Mockingbird time frame was based on. So much was going wrong with the United States during that time frame, it was a miracle we were able to dig ourselves out of that kind of hole. The worst part of the 1930s was the racial injustice. Mobs would kill innocent black men, jurors sent them on death role for crimes they didn 't commit, blacks were scared to walk alone for the fear of being killed because of their skin color. "Based upon fears that “lynch law” would be invoked after news of Mr. Gunn’s confession spread, he was taken to jail in a neighboring county for protection. Because of attempted mob attacks, Mr. Gunn was transported to another prison with reinforcement from firemen and a tank company of the Missouri National Guard." (“Black Residents Flee Maryville, Missouri, After Lynching”). This is just one example of what went on in the 1930s to black men, this is also shown in the book To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus set up camp outside Tom 's jail cell to make sure no one came and hurt Tom Robinson before the trail. A mob came to Tom and Atticus, and was luckily broken up by Scout before anyone got hurt. "In March, nine African-American young men are accused of raping two white women. Their case begins on April 6 and they are quickly convicted of the crimes. However, the case of the Scottsboro Boys soon receives national attention
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