Racism, Prejudice And Racial Discrimination

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Racism, classism, and prejudice have existed for several years now, they exist in almost every civilisation and society it’s not peculiar if you are classified into categories which explains who you are or who you are supposed to be based on society. The world has progressed significantly on every aspect like technology and socially, but racism and prejudice still exist till today embedded in the minds of narrow minded people and their traditions and values. Racism is not a case of hatred within people towards a certain culture or religion it is their point of view which projects that just because someone is not like them they are not good enough. Back in 1953 to around 1970 there was a vast majority of racial discrimination in America, back…show more content…
conveyed it said “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Just imagine living life knowing that everywhere you go, everything you do is being attentively observed and judged. Just imagine walking into a store and noticing the stares of people thinking that you might steal something or reveal a bomb from under your clothes. Imagine all this just because you are “different”. No one likes being left out, then why do you set fire on hatred, why do you discriminate? It’s a simple question that people have a lengthy complicated answer for. In simple terms racism is an excessive amount of hatred for a minimum reason. You may not think of it as much when you insult someone based on colour,religion, or culture but for them it may feel hurtful , for them it may feel like they don’t belong in this little community they may see faults in themselves when really it’s not them. Rather than showing a little fundamental of caring people choose to discriminate and victimise people, all which leads me to the question why? Why do people choose to do…show more content…
Let’s not forget about stereotypes for example “Asians are better in maths” labelling people is not the truth but we all treat it like it is. Racism as we know it is a broad spectrum that prior to my knowledge stretches way father than the African Americans in the early 1960s and now includes conflicts such as war to economic problems. After the 9/11 which was a series of 4 coordinated terrorist attacks in New York people are lacking the understatement of the religion Islam and assuming that Islam is a violent religion and Muslims are associated by terrorism. But what I don’t understand is why would u define a whole religion by one person, why would you want to describe all of who you are by the tiny little box of race would u describe the sky by its clouds or a house by its curtains. I don’t think so.

In conclusion I have learned that the ability to comprehend and understand both sides of an argument is extremely difficult when you have a personal stand or preference in that certain

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