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The argument that men are the beneficiaries of gender exploitation and the cause for inequalities in race is what’s emphasized in radical feminism. Radical feminists tend to be more militant in their approach than other feminist approaches whereby it mainly opposes existing political and social organizations because it is inherently tied to patriarchy. The class of men having power over women is the classical definition of patriarchy. This leads to radical feminists tending to be sceptical of political action within the current system other than being focal on the cultural changes that undermines patriarchy and associated hierarchal structures. Women have to take action and many radical feminists believe that this should
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Feminism made a change in the United States, but women’s movement is often remembered as being “too white” and many black women felt that the feminist movement did not address their experiences. A basic premise of black feminism is that of black women should draw from their own experience. (Weldon 2008) states that a fragile portrayal of femininity was often used by men but on this occasion it was challenged by an African-American activist with passionate speech containing the famous expression ‘Ain’t I a Women’ which referred to slave women working through hard labour in a farm most of these women were black women and therefore black feminism is the empowerment of black women to stand up for what feminism generally fought for based on…show more content…
In modern developing (South Africa) and developed (United Kingdom) countries, certain sectors of women in relation to middle-class and white women often feel that feminism is not applicable to their lives. (Haralombos & Holborn 2004) reinforces the concept that one can argue that feminism may not resonate with such women by oversimplifying the relations between men and women. Women associated with new feminism have the benefit to access to good educational institutions, they are recognized as legally mature persons who can buy cars and houses which they may drive and live in alone if they choose to and may engage in what best suits their needs.
The attribution of intersectionality was formed by Kimberle Crenshaw and she used to illuminate the differentiation experience of various women. The views that are conveyed are that of women who experience oppression in varying configurations and in varying degrees of intensity and highlighted by (Weldon 2008) categories of social relation can thus not be understood in isolation. The recognition of various diversities between women that is formalised in the term intersectionality, is thus expected when looking at the development of feminism as a social movement.

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