Examples Of Rainsford A Dynamic Character In The Most Dangerous Game

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A dynamic character is one who changes over the course of a story after learning something extremely important. In The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell, Rainsford has to undergo a difficult experience that causes him to change his thinking about being a big game hunter. When Rainsford and his crew are passing by the dreaded Ship-Trap Island, Rainsford experiences a misfortune and falls overboard the ship. He is thrown into the sea, has to swim for his life in the choppy waters, and eventually reaches Ship-Trap Island. After Rainsford arrives on Ship-Trap Island, he discovers a mansion where General Zaroff lives, the antagonist of the story. General Zaroff pretends to be a civilized person just living on a deserted island, but in reality, he is a cold-blooded murder. General Zaroff tricks Rainsford into a false sense of security only to throw him into the jungle and force him to participate in his disgusting game of hunting humans for amusement. Rainsford has to stay alive for three days in order to live, and he has to fight for his life during the hunt. In the end Rainsford is able to win, and by doing so gains knowledge that changes him. Rainsford is a dynamic character because he changes from being apathetic towards hunting animals, to empathetic towards hunting animals. At the beginning of the story, Rainsford is apathetic towards hunting animals and sees no problem with doing so. In the exposition of the story, Rainsford is a big-game hunter, and enjoys hunting
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