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Rationale I have chosen to write a letter from Jordan Baker from The Great Gatsby to a friend of hers. In the letter she is telling about Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship and especially how her friend Daisy changed as a result. As in the book Jordan is told to be someone who likes gossiping, it is suitable for her to be gossiping about someone who at least used to be her friend. The letter shows a bit different side of the events of the novel because the point of view Jordan has is more neutral than that of Nick’s as Nick admires Gatsby whereas Jordan is described to be someone who only cares about Jordan and thus she has no motive to twist things around. Also Jordan’s personality is brought up as her voice is heard throughout the whole letter.…show more content…
You met her few years back at some party. I cannot remember whose party it was, there are so many of those I’ve completely lost track on who hosted what. Anyway, she’s the dumb dark-haired one - that’s the best description I can give. Anyway, I absolutely have to tell you this thing that happened, it’s way too juicy. Daisy’s former lover asked me to get him and Daisy back together and, as you know, I love nothing more than helping people. But imagine, they started an affair, just like that! The so very pure and innocent Daisy Buchanan having an affair! If only the people in Chicago knew! What made it even better is that the man, Gatsby, was some sort of a criminal. Or I’m not sure if he actually was a criminal, but a weird man in any case, always wearing those pink suits. After that Daisy became much more fun, maybe the man just made her happy. She never told me about it, but everyone knew Tom had cheated on her from the beginning. I cannot understand why she didn’t just leave him, but that’s probably just who Daisy is. She just dwelled in her own misery, because she was afraid, afraid of losing her reputation. With Gatsby she became totally different, cheerful and gay. It was good for her, there’s no doubt about that. But she also became very careless. I hate careless

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