Skinner's Theory Of Reinforcement

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Re-Inforcemet theory-B.F. Skinner
Skinner 's theory of reinforcement proposed that “behavior can be controlled by its consequences, that is, by what follows the behavior” (Schultz & Schultz, 2012). After my disobedience I was publicly beaten and then beaten again in my sleep. This helped to weaken or lessen my disobedience and it added a stimuli which was the beating. There are two types of reinforcers, negative and positive reinforcers. The type of reinforcement used was punishment which is a negative reinforcer. “Punishment is the application of an aversive stimulus following a response in an effort to decrease the likelihood that the response will recur” (Schultz & Schultz, 2013). I then grew afraid of going out in public. I associated being
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This assessment may result in either negative or positive results. I believe my self-esteem is low. I doubt the decisions I make. As if to make it clearer, just last week three people told me that I worried too much in a day. I do not believe I have the ability to make decisions on my own and while growing up my mother did not allow me to make any decisions which I believe helped to lessen my belief in my self. “One’s level of self-esteem can have enduring effects; people with low self-esteem may think and act in self-defeating ways that “diminish their quality of life” (Schultz & Schultz, 2012). As it relates to things such as my school work, I still doubt my ability. I get anxious when placed in groups because I feel as if I will let down the…show more content…
While others may smoothly play off stubbing their toe against a stone, my eyes get watery and my face gets really hot whenever that happens to me. If I am walking with a friend then my immediate reaction tends to be to squeeze their arm. Due to my low self-esteem I find it hard to relate to others. My fear of meeting new people and talking to people means that I do not meet many people. Due to my fear of embarrassment, I feel almost relieved after a person leaves my company each time because the longer they are around me then the greater the odds of me embarrassing myself. My object was the sky and I chose this object because persons normally look at the sky just as it without acknowledging the fact that there are many things hidden behind it. I believe the sky explains me very well. Many people see me just as I appear to them. However, hidden behind my appearance is a girl who fears the very world she lives
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