Examples Of Realism In Amelie

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The movie was not just part of fandom but there exists a better look into the overcast and the realism is not to deny. The first movie which was an example of magical realism, Amelie which has to do with the different ways that the character Amelie had been portrayed in the times of the British rule. Amelie is the central character in the movie that makes it the character that would be looked at with great effort. There are different aspects to a movie that include the realism that is the part that strikes that audience. This might be the part where most of the eyes of the viewers are looking at. Ways in which the different characters are pictured has been seen, and there is looking at the screens with great infatuation for the characters to be getting more and more indulged in the movie and its realism. The magical realism is the reality of the different movies that are stereotypical of the age of the different people that have been used to portray the different characters and their motives. The connection of the two cultures and the folkloric one in the real time of the 21st century has to be the one that is getting connected. This changes the image of the film and gets the characters running as a role model in the movies train of thought. The film that is based on realism is simply getting the social values and culture to be seen as a reflection of average values of the different societies to be reflected in the country as a whole. The realism has to do with the

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