Examples Of Realism In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez seemed as an unusually confusing book on the surface, but after the discussion, the book started to make sense. Though at the same time, the discussion only raised more questions about little details within the book. The first point brought up within the discussion was the changing perspectives was the most interesting aspect of the book. Because I am person that enjoys things being in order, I do not agree. The switching of perspectives made the book have a messy feel to it. Vanessa brought up the point, a little while after someone mentioned the murder, that honoring family and virginity is culturally related, as opposed to religiously. I agreed because if the Vicario twins’ motives were reasoned by religion, Santiago Nasar’s punishment would, most likely, not have been the same. It was then brought up by Zoe that social class plays a big part od Santiago’s murder/death. Because Vanessa made the point that Angela Vicario lied to her brothers that it was Santiago who took her virginity because him being wealthy should have protected him. I agreed with Vanessa and disagreed with Zoe based off of class not mattering to the Vicario twins when they killed Santiago; the discussion then became culture versus class. Vanessa Pinkston stated that if the Vicario family were of higher class the situation…show more content…
During the time this book was written, the church was faced with accusations regarding the Father. Within the book, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez puts the bishop and the church to shame with all the symbolic references within the book. This paper highlights the symbolic meanings using magical realism behind Santiago Nasar, his mother, the townspeople and Bayardo San Roman, and corruption of the Catholic church using the
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