Examples Of Realism In International Relations

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International relations is the discipline that is dynamic. It is caused because of the many differences of view in looking at the way international relations itself. No wonder there is a great debate-the great debate that arises regarding the perspective. One example of realism. Realism is one of the dominant perspective in international relations. The existence of this perspective is not separated from the emergence of the scientific study of international relations which is then associated with the various phenomena that occur in the interaction of actors in international relations. Realism is a perspective that can not be separated with the word power. This perspective cannot be questioned about the strength of the defenders in international relations. In fact, many people who accept the Realist thinking because it provides a logical reasons and until whenever will continue to exist so that it lowers its theories. In view of the Realists, the State is the main actor, while the non-state actors is not important.
Realism looked at that basic human nature is greedy. Therefore, the world is always filled with conflicts of interest. Even in the larger context, conflict and war is part and parcel of the international world. Moreover, with a view that the international system is anarchy, in the sense that there is no dominant power in international relations or in other words, there is no government over government. Realism rejects the assumption that the relationship between
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