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Society has taught us that there is an expectation of how humans should live their lives. If someone does not meet a certain standard, like beauty or wealth, then they are thought of as less than. Imagine you were walking down a busy street when suddenly you came across a poor looking man wearing very worn-out clothes sitting down on the sidewalk. You automatically assumed that the man was homeless. Although you had never met this man, you judged him based on what he looked like. You thought of him as less of a human, gave a look of disgust, and simply walked by. Society creates a bar of expectation of what is acceptable and what is not and if you are below that bar you will be forced to be ostracized from society. Society shapes how a person’s success, beauty, or financial stability can affect them. For example, compare a rich man to a…show more content…
The expectations are too unrealistic. The images of perfection that we see in pictures, films, and television project unrealistic versions of reality. Women are expected to act ladylike at all times, have perfect bodies, and be what society claims beautiful is. Women aren’t the only ones who society makes a bar of expectations for. The society also pressures men to be very fit, make lots of money, and be the providers for their family. For many people, this is just simply impossible to achieve. Due to these standards, people become more self-conscious about who they are and try to enhance themselves with surgeries and other beauty products. Melanie Martinez's song "Mrs.Potato Head" is a perfect representation of how society pressures women into wanting to change their natural beauty. For example, some lyrics from the song are "Don't be dramatic it's only some plastic No one will love you if you're unattractive." This shows how women are being "forced" into going under the needle in order to meet society's beauty standards so that others will find them

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