Examples Of Reality In The Odyssey

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For centuries people have been trying to figure out one main question. Is there more in reality than can be perceived by the senses? Prime Reality is asking if it is an open or closed system? Is matter eternal? Are there gods, one God, or nothing. We find many examples in art and literature.
In The Odyssey, Homer clearly believes that it is an open system which means that he believes that there is a spiritual dimension. The Odyssey is a book about the gods, and the part they play in Odysseus’ journey home. There are many gods, but Zeus runs it all. For the most part the gods stay on Mt. Olympus, but every once in awhile, they intervene. We see many examples of Athena intervening for Odysseus, and then Hermes executing the plan. They get jealous, they are lustful, and they are almost always angry. The nymph Calypso,
“Hard-hearted you are, you gods! You unrivaled lords of jealousy–”

when Zeus sent Hermes to tell her to let Odysseus go home, insists:. Many times throughout the book it says,
“Steer clear of the rage of Zeus!”

These quotes show that the gods have a bad temper and you don’t want to get in their way.
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Lewis believes that it is an open system, he believes that there is only one God. You see his opinion portrayed in the spiritual hierarchy in Out of the Silent Planet. The hierarchy begins with The Old One. The Old One is like God. He created everything and everyone. The next being is Maleldil. Maleldil is like Jesus. He is with The Old One. Next is Oyarsa. Oyarsa is like an Archangel, and he rules over Malacandra. After him, there are the Eldil. They are like normal angels and do things to help Oyarsa. On the other hand, Lewis describes this god as an honorable and respected god. The people of Malacandra do not fear death and they want to be with
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