Examples Of Rebellion In Fight Club

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Rebellion In the novel, Fight Club, the act of rebellion takes over the narrator’s and Tyler’s lives in a negative way, making them dangerous people to associate with. Rebellion plays an important role in the creation of the plot, and many details surround its concept. Some examples of when rebellion plays a part in the novel are throughout Fight Club, typical society, the boys’ jobs, and Project Mayhem. Fight Club is the strong foundation for the development of the plot of this novel and is the beginning of the rebellion of the characters. In Fight Club, you are physically exposed to the other members, in the sense that there aren 't any rules about what you can 't do while fighting, unlike typical sports like wrestling. There are no boundaries that exist within the walls of the bar that Fight Club exists in. The only rules include: “you don’t talk about fight club, only two guys to a fight, one fight at a time, they fight without shirts or shoes, the fights go on as long as they have to, and lastly, if this is your first night at fight club, you have to fight” (Palahniuk 48-50). Fight club is something unheard of, which can be perceived as bad, but it’s great that you can 't resent any member of Fight Club that you fight because you went there for a reason. The whole concept is to get your anger out at actual people, opposed to punching bags. Fight Club gets guys to reach out of their comfort zone by making them less afraid of fighting (Palahniuk 54). A lot of
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