Examples Of Received Pronunciation

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English is significantly different from our own languages. In the majority of lessons or topics, learners do get some opportunity to speak, and it is obvious that no one can speak without pronunciation. It is also obvious that pronunciation can be an instant and problem to communication, even between the speakers whose knowledge of English is generally good, and would have no difficulty in communicating with each other. There are many features of any topic that can be learned and taught, but there are certain topics that cannot be learned neither taught. When learners are asked about their priorities, one thing that often comes up is ‘pronunciation’. It is an important element and contributes a lot in learning
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Received Pronunciation should be taught as a model in Pakistan. The reason I chose RP as a teaching model because the best English dictionaries focus on RP. They also have American Pronunciation, but it is not always accurate. Moreover, RP is considered as an elite accent, the speakers of English link it with high social status and intelligence.

In Pakistan, learners of English language focus on pronunciation than on any other skills. Most of the learners believe that they will feel comfortable if their pronunciation is better. This point out that practicing pronunciation, both in class and at home is important. Sometimes, pronunciation creates difficulty for students both while studying and communicating. The lack of proper pronunciation causes problem for students in real life communication. On the other hand, most students believe that if they are better in pronunciation, they will be more confidence in English.

It is also seen that generally pronunciation is neglected in classrooms. Even if pronunciation is taught with considerable amount of time, students should practice individually. Practicing only in classroom is not enough for achieving desirable
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However, there are some obvious reasons why pronunciation is not often taught in the classroom. The reasons include lack of class time or general uncertainty of teachers’ own pronunciation skills.

Students find difficulty in learning and differentiating between British English (RP) and American English (GA). They find themselves unfamiliar with or indifferent to the kind of English they would like to acquire. When introduced to both kinds of English, students perceive British English as formal and conservative. On the other hand, students perceive American English as informal and less standard.

Without a doubt, pronunciation is an important aspect of English. The bitter fact is that teachers do not give enough time to teaching pronunciation. Students find learning resources of pronunciation on their own. The learners should be given equally time and importance in the matter of pronunciation skill.

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