Examples Of Redefining Nationalism In The Modern World

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Redefining nationalism in the modern world The modern political concept of nationalism addresses some fixed notions. Nationalism is defined as formation of a distinct identity for a certain population in terms of their religion, ethnicity or class differences. It is a feeling that people have of being loyal to and proud of their country often with the belief that it is better and more important than other countries; a desire by a large group of people who share the same history, culture, language, etc. to form a separate and independent nation of their own. (Agarwal,2005) and (Kapur,2003) Rabindranath Tagore stated that “Our mind has faculties which are universal, but its habits are insular.” (Quayum , n.d) Redefining nationalism means changing the traditional concept of believing that citizenship in a state should be limited to one ethnic, cultural, religious, or identity groups or that multi nationality in a single state should necessarily be comprised of the right to express and exercise national identity, even by minorities. The traditional definition of nationalism should be changed as we seem to be witnessing mostly a different kind of nationalism, based on fear, insecurity and anxiety. Conflict is inevitable Due to the nature of nationalism; particularly when it comes to nationalism as a political, ethnic and cultural movement. Nowadays where nationalism flourishes, war is not far from it. Now a days, it doesn 't bound only in the fight

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