Examples Of Redemption In The Kite Runner

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Amir’s Redemption in The Kite Runner
In The Kite Runner, Khalid Hosseini writes that Amir makes mistakes, and because of that, it takes his entire life to redeem himself. Throughout The Kite Runner, Amir is looking for redemption. One of the reasons why Amir redeems himself was to fix the wrong he did to Hassan in his childhood. On the other hand, many may believe that Amir didn’t earn anything and rather wasted his time in Afghanistan. It might be thought that Amir did not revert his wrong to Hassan and did not redeem himself. Amir was able to do this in various ways throughout the book, especially towards the end. The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini shows that Amir is able to redeem himself from the wrong he did to Hassan by putting himself in danger to rescue Sohrab, by receiving a scar from the fight with Assef signifying his redemption, and finally by bringing Sohrab back to United States with him.
Amir is able to redeem himself by putting his life in danger to rescue Sohrab. “I did not know what had emboldened me to be so curt, maybe the fact that I thought I was going to die anyway” (Hosseini 299). This quote is important because Amir carelessly argues with Assef and did not care with what he says. Amir is ok to do anything for Sohrab regardless. He already knows he is going to die so why not redeem himself. Furtherly, Hosseini writes, “Hassan had taken the pomegranate from my hand, crushed against his forehead. Are you satisfied now? He’d hissed. Do you feel better? I

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