Examples Of Reflective Essay

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The Reflective Essay
Our assignment this week is to consider the theological experiences during the course study and reflect on how our understanding. Who do we think God is, how has our understanding grown, what we have been able to practice and how will we pass this new experience to our circle of influence.
I found the topics within Theology 104 inquisitive and challenging. Being taught the Bible was inerrant during my youth, provided me a solid base to develop my reasoning and understanding, not doubt. Because of this, I did not experience a change in theology during the course, but was encouraged to expand my evangelistic approach. In the past I was very forward and outspoken on issues that related to God. I did not want to be counted
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During this course I have reached out to several family members and recent contacts to discuss topics of study. I find most people enjoy historical facts and specific events they could verify if needed. Once involved in the historical aspect and event details, the impact on culture and theology fall right into conversation. My chiropractor grew up Mormon, but left that group as she got older and could question their beliefs. A recent event allowed us to cross paths, entirely driven through prayer. Being able to witness during a life-changing event in their life, is not an accident. Our class activity and study material provided the conversation details which were of interest to them, timely and thoughtfully engaging! My wife and I recently visited with a distant family member and kindled a bond. After a few visits, we now talk more frequently and even hosted a day for all of my remaining family to get together. I was able to reach over and share some of the class material during a recent call and was encouraged to her them take the subjects into prayer and study. I prayed that God could use me when I first applied to Liberty University, and that he would help me with my steps. This course has provided a medium to help share scriptures and encourage others as he provides for our
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