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By reflecting on my relational resume and using it in the context of my previous relationships I discovered many things about myself and the ways that I act in relationships. For the most part, in my reflection I’m able to see what qualities caused the relationships to de-escalate and fail; this is because I’m so far out of these relationships and not blinded by the bias of liking that I’m able to see the problems that occurred instead of ignoring them. For this analysis, I’ve decided to focus on and analyze my recent long, and serious relationship of 4 years in regards to principles in the textbook such as attraction, affection, style of love, and attachment styles. First, I’ll cover attraction; attraction is defined as “a motivational state…show more content…
Affection is the basic need of people to feel accepted and cared for by others and in romantic relationships, the need to feel loved. According to the textbook, absence of affection can reflect decreased emotional closeness and propel a relationship towards de-escalation. I had struggles in my relationship with affection because I would often show it a lot and my partner would never reciprocate; she would show me affection when we were alone but never when we were with others. This made me question many things about our relationship like, was she embarrassed by me? Or was I doing something wrong? I would learn that this was my partner’s first real relationship so she was uncomfortable when displaying affection around others and even though she couldn’t help it, it took a big effect on me. Research says that affectionate communication helps people survive because it is related to better mental and physical health; people who receive affection often are more happy, and more confident. Because she didn’t show affection, I found myself stressed and it made me less happy in the relationship. Our relationship was also affected by the paradox of affection on multiple occasions. The paradox of affection is the idea that “although affection is intended and usually perceived as positive, it can backfire for a number of reasons and produce negative outcomes”. One of the stranger things about my partner’s reluctance towards affection was she hated receiving gifts of any kind. On her birthday or Valentine’s day, I would get her a gift and she would always react negatively by asking why I got her the gift and try to to deny taking it. She would then get mad at me because I was supposed to know she hated receiving gifts but I couldn’t help it because I’d always want to get her

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