Examples Of Relationships In The Book Thief

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Glossary-bases connections:
Nuremberg Laws:
In the Book Thief Max mentions how he used to work at an Engineering Factory but when the Nuremberg Laws came into place he and all the other Jewish employees were fired. The Nuremberg Laws were a series of Anti-Semitic laws against Jews originated by the Nazi government in 1935. This is what caused Max to lose his job.

In the Book Thief it shows how the Holocaust dealt with a lot of stereotypes. In the Book Thief most of the characters follow their gender roles. The stereotypical German men and woman is present in this novel. Though in the Hubermann house Rosa is usually in charge, pulling the family through some of the most difficult times. In the Book Thief Rosa is breaking the stereotypes held during that time.

In the Book Thief a lot of chapter 54 is about the SS guards marching the Jews down Himmel street. As Liesel watches and makes eye contact with some of them she begins to feel helpless and sympathetic because the SS are dehumanizing the Jews. The SS was the black-shirted elite guard of Hitler, later the political police in charge of the concentration and death camps. They were the ones who marched the Jews down Himmel Street and the ones that got Hans whipped.

General Connections:
Parental Relationships:
In the Book Thief Liesel was sent to live with the Hubermanns because her mom was a communist. She eventually developed a strong bond with Hans Hubermann her “father”. This is like the novel Night
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