Examples Of Religious Symbolism In Brave New World

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Caged or Freed: Religious Symbolism in “Brave New World” “The victim of mind manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him, the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free” cautions Aldous Huxley (XII: What Can Be Done? ). Innately, humans possess the power of independent choice; the ability to freely decide and pursue personal paths. On the contrary, those who are under control by a higher authority/force are restricted from this gift. They cannot see the mental barricade that inhibits their ability to think independently, and therefore keeps them under command while completely stripping away their free will. Huxley uses religious symbolism to show that blindly following religious principles can lead to a world of lost free thought and choice, resulting in permanent social control over individuals. Examples of these religious symbols written in the novel include the solidarity service attended by Bernard, the chemical compound Soma, the Christ and Eagle painting in the Native American reservation ritual, and the worship of the deity Ford with “T” --a reference to Henry Ford’s Model T automobile. The solidarity service Bernard attends every other week is one of the symbols Huxley uses to represent the Last Supper/Communion practice and exulting worship that are held by Christian church services. The ritual begins with a solidarity hymn that’s played by stringed instruments while Bernard and 11 other members sit around a table
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