Examples Of Resistance In Caribbean Literature

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Rewriting as resistance in selected Caribbean texts. 1. Introduction (Theme, rationale, significance of study and importance of theme) Literature can be seen as a vehicle to exhibit different resistance techniques and trajectories. Various works of literature reflect the human endeavour to resist the dominant ideologies and assert the marginal doctrine. Such efforts are vocalised in novels, prose, plays and poetries of various renowned writers and critics. Resistance as a concept has gained tremendous momentum in recent years in literature and critical studies. Not only has it become more exposed and articulated, but it has also evolved over the period of time. Post-structuralism has brought an epistemological shift in the very conception of resistance. Right from its definition, meaning, and execution, post-structuralist resistance differs from the traditional concept of resistance. Traditional / Marxist conception sees resistance as against power. So, the avenue for social change or resistance is overthrowing the dominating class. Resistance is seen as a collective, oppositional, and organised attempt of a frontal attack. In opposition, post-structuralist concept sees resistance as fragmented and constructed. Resistance is seen not as against power, but imbricated within it. Rather than a frontal attack, resistance is about disrupting institutions and normalisations. Also, resistance is not always seen as revolutionary and progressive, but on a unitary,

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