Examples Of Resistance To Change

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Resistance to Change I recently did a questionnaire from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to assess my resistance to change and found my results to be about average. I scored slightly higher than the average mean for routine seeking, emotional reaction, short- term focus, and slightly lower on cognitive rigidity for a total resistance of 3.29 compared to the mean of 3.09. I agree with these results for the following reasons: I can see both the pros and cons of change and am not typically inclined to either resist or promote them; the type and context of change influences my approach; I’m not too overly attached to routines and like to break them for variety; Whilst I rationalise change before reacting emotionally to it, I do notice stressors; I always like to see the longer-term benefits associated with change and plan for them; I tend to stick with decisions because I work to get enough information necessary to make them good ones; I am consistent over time but also committed to lifelong learning; and finally I enjoy learning things which either reinforce my knowledge or allow me to see things in a different way or push me to be innovative.…show more content…
This was because my own needs might influence me intrinsically into a change situation, I might be coerced into a change situation by external political, economic, social, technological, environmental or legal drivers – or perhaps both would be influencing

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