Examples Of Respect In Beowulf

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James Campbell
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March, 6

Beowulf Passage Analysis: Earning Respect

Beowulf is a story about a Scandinavian hero from the six century who had many positive traits. Some of his traits include bravery, peacefulness, intelligence, and leadership. The story of Beowulf demonstrates good versus evil and how Beowulf puts his life before others to keep them safe. Beowulf is not an evil person though, even though he slays people and evil demons. He has never killed anyone he hasnt had to before and he provides for his people. Beowulf is an epic story that describes a superhero character that involves a sense of adventure, fantastic visionary scenes that involves a classic good versus evil storyline that makes this a very compelling tale. Beowulf was someone who was mighty, mild, kind, and smart. These traits are worthy of respect from the reader. …show more content…

In one illustration in the text it shows Beowulf boasting about his strength and it shows bravery as to why he is mighty and brave enough to fight Grendel Page 4 - “Beowulf was bragging about the deeds he has done and why he is worthy of fighting Grendel.” Beowulf can be seen as a brave hero because of many occurrences in the text. Another example of why he can be considered or looked upon as brave is when he fought the dragon with his men. During this fight Beowulf's men ran away in fear when the dragon came out but Beowulf stayed and fought the battle till the end with one of the only men that remained named Wiglaf. The fact that Beowulf would remain fighting the dragon even though his men fled shows courage and bravery because he was “the mildest yet mightiest of men” page 28. These reasons indicate and present why Beowulf showed lots of bravery in the

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