Examples Of Respect In The Odyssey

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To Respect or to be a Kiss Up “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” We’ve all heard that overused phrase growing up. The same goes for me as well, and to me, respect has been a huge part of my culture and many other Asian cultures. Respect is the root of what makes people who they are today. It shows that you admire them, that you care for them, or possibly even fear them. For example, in The Odyssey, Odysseus and many others show their respect to the gods. After escaping from the Cyclops's cave, Odysseus divided up the stolen sheep, but he slaughtered the old ram in Zeus's honor to appease him. Zeus’ lightning descends and…,k,mlkmlkmlk It was a sunny day, small, fluffy looking clouds were in the sky, on a Sunday. My family drove to Holland..., what I call, “The Big Temple.” It was most likely the day of a half-moon or a quarter moon; I don’t remember. I recall walking in late, and everyone calling out, “Hey, it’s the family from St. Joe!” My sister and I would always blush as red as a tomato when we arrived late. When the service was over, everyone began eating…show more content…
According to Aaron Blake’s article on The Washington Post, “Trump seems to have been torn between respect for Obama and a desire to accuse him…” The article states that back in the early 2000s, Trump has shown his respect many times towards the former U.S. president, but has also made wild claims about him. In January, 2008, Trump said, “I certainly think he is a very capable guy and a great speaker.” But it wasn’t until after President Trump was inaugurated, that he made even more outrageous accusations. I saw a tweet on President Trump’s twitter, and he claims that Obama wire tapped his phone, and said that it was something similar to the Nixon Watergate scandal. Throughout the years, the new U.S. president has shown his strange way of respect towards Obama, leaving many confused of what he thinks of
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