Examples Of Responsible Business

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1.0 In my opinion, the term responsible business can be defined as a business or corporation that is responsible for their own actions and activities. Responsible business can be known as the corporate social responsibility (CSR). I would say a business should be responsible to build a positive relationship with the community. A business main aim should not be to gain profit only but to contribute to the society as well. A responsible business has a significant duty to act for the best interest for the society and environment. I believed that a responsible business will have the sense of responsibility towards the triple bottom line which includes the people, planet and profit. As an example of responsible business is Starbucks. I mentioned Starbucks as a responsible business because this corporation is very expressive in socially for the customers as well as for the community. In my perspective, a responsible business should perform on some important core values such as integrity, community, excellence and so forth. A business should be honest and trustworthy as well as be ethical. They should be concern for their customer’s needs and expectations. Responsible businesses need to have a good engagement and relationship with the community in order to be successful. They should also provide high quality products and services for their customers. 2.0 Takata designed, manufactured, tested and marketed millions of potentially lethal airbags which were distributed
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