Examples Of Restaurant Promotion Ideas

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8 Easy Restaurant Promotion Ideas
Opening a restaurant is a costly affair - the last thing restaurateurs, restaurant owners and restaurant managers have on their mind is restaurant marketing. More times than not, restaurants fail due to insufficient or poor advertising.
Are you looking for the best restaurant marketing strategies for your business? Or are you not getting the results you want and need a boost? Here are a few business and restaurant marketing ideas to help you stand out and take you to the next level.
1. Create a loyalty program
Creating a customer loyalty program is an excellent way for restaurants to keep their satisfied customers returning for future visits. By offering customers rewards based on visits or amounts spent,
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Your customers will look forward to the event and you could even give away gift coupons or free drinks or appetizers to the winners.
A few such restaurant promotion event ideas:
Food tasting event
• Comedy night
• Ladies night
• Wine and cheese event
• Karaoke, open mic event
• Live music or DJ

7. Engage your customers
Another great restaurant marketing idea is to directly connect with your customers in a more personal way. You could distribute customer feedback forms as a way to determine your restaurant’s service. You could use the database to send customers coupons on their birthdays and anniversaries or send out e-mails whenever there is a special offer or event happening at your restaurant.
8. Offer locally sourced food
It is the best way to build goodwill – here you are not just supporting the local farmers but also offering fresh and high-quality ingredients on the table. And instead of paying to large corporations, you’re supporting local farmers and small business owners.
Lead customers into your restaurant with these free marketing and advertising strategies that are sure to increase your presence in the community and on the
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