Revenge In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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One of the deepest instincts we have tends to be revenge. But usually the instincts and emotions that we have serve for a purpose. Many theorists consider revenge as a way to establish justice and that a revenge threat might serve as protection, a type of implementation of social collaboration. (Larocco, 1) Perhaps revenge has a purpose to prevent certain hostile activities or the revenge threat protects people to not harm them in the future. However, occasionally individuals consider revenge when their actions have no good outcomes, other than to cause suffer on others. These activities can lead to immeasurable extremes. Revenge might come out of hurt, power and anger. Individuals who might have been harmed or betrayed appear to consider without any hesitation that if the opposite party goes through suffer, it will make them feel well and their emotional agony will…show more content…
The story of this sailor reminds us that in this world one can find both evil and betrayal, and sometimes you might be affected from it. This story develops in France where Dantes has recently acquired a high position in the ship as a captain. He has a fiancée named Mercedes and this couple has nothing but love for one another. (Reynolds, 13) Similar with many betrayal stories, Dantes has everything and his friend Mondego does not have much. Even though Mondego isn’t as rich as Dante is, his father works as a trader and embraces lots of power and wealth, however, he still shows jealousy for his friend Dantes. (Reynolds, 15) Mondego doesn’t show jealousy only for the success of his friend, instead he is envy for Dantes wife. The story develops as Mondego betrayed his friend and also France to join with Napoleon. Primarily the judge did not want to punish Dantes, but after reviewing the case a couple of times they decided to send the sailor to the disreputable prison of Chateau d’If. (Reynolds,
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