Examples Of Revenge In The Crucible

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Revenge is prevalent in society as well in literature. It is also a common topic for Hollywood movies. Revenge is the action of inflicting harm on someone for a wrong suffered at their hands. Revenge is such interesting topics for novels and movies because everyone has in some way wanted to get back at someone. It is human nature to want to get back at someone who has wronged them. The other point to this concept of revenge in literature is karma. The person who gets revenge will in the end regret it and will come back to eventually hurt them in the end. Society today still has many experiences with revenge and everyone in the world in some way has wanted to get back at someone. In Arthur Miller's’ drama, The Crucible, revenge is …show more content…

She hates Elizabeth because of her marriage to John Proctor. John Proctor had an affair with Abby Williams and John Proctor realized the error of his ways, so he wants to have nothing to do with Abby(Act 1). Although, Abby Williams is still in love with him. Elizabeth fires Abby Williams as a result of the cheating with her husband because Abby was their housekeeper at the time. Abby Williams apathy towards Elizabeth Proctor builds because John Proctor does not love her, leading her to make up lies about being bewitched by Elizabeth Procter. Abby lies about being harmed every time Elizabeth Proctor sticks a needle in a doll( Act 3). Abby Williams is not alone in these lies because all of the other girls who were with Abby at the fire join her. All the girls do this to avoid persecution as being witches. People of the town start to falsely accuse other of witchcraft, either to gain their land or to get revenge on someone who wronged them. Elizabeth Proctor is wrongly accused, but her husband, John Proctor, saves her by sacrificing himself. He is hanged in the end of the drama because he says God was not real(Act 3). This little petty revenge scheme by Abby Williams got many wrongly accused people killed, including John Procter. It shows that getting back at someone will always come back to bite in the …show more content…

Hamlet's soul desire was to kill his uncle Claudius, to avenge his father's death(Acts 1-5). Hamlet’s desire for revenge starts out a just pure anger, but as his desire grows he dips into a state of madness (Acts 1-5). Hamlet really goes mad in the drama when he kills Polonius (Act 4 scene 3-4). Hamlet's attempts to avenge his father's death plays out in many stalemates until the end. The final scene in the drama has many of the main characters meeting their untimely deaths and we see Hamlet's plan to kill his uncle finally occur(Act 5 scene 2). Once again revenge leads to the downfall of that person who was seeking revenge. It brings the fact again that revenge is no the

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