Examples Of Rhetoric In Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Essay “When they finished their confession, the dogs promptly ripped their throats out, and in a terrible voice Napoleon demanded whether any other animal had anything to confess” (Orwell 33). This is an example of rhetoric in animal farm. Rhetoric is the use of persuasive talking or manipulation (Merriam). The rhetoric of use by the pigs is knowledge, The Seven Commandments, and threats, which allows the pigs to have control over all of the animals (Sparknotes). The first example of rhetoric in Animal Farm is their knowledge. For example, they learned the alphabet and how to read and write, but did not teach the other animals as much as they knew (Orwell Online). This shows that the pigs are trying to keep their knowledge away from the other animals. Also, they learn about carpentry and blacksmithing and did not teach the other animals (Orwell Online). This shows that the pigs dont want to become useless and have to work Lastly, they use Squealer's knowledge of speech to talk the pigs out of their problems like selling Boxer for whiskey (Sparknotes). These examples show how knowledge was used for rhetoric in Animal Farm.…show more content…
An example of this is when Squealer always talks about Jones coming back (Shmoop). This is rhetoric because it makes them falsely believe Jones will come back and convinces them to do what the pigs want. Another example of a threat is when Napoleon kills the animals that go against him (Shmoop). This threatens that any thoughts of rebellion will lead to severe consequences, so they don't try to go against him. Lastly, they put a death sentence on Snowball, so that if he ever shows up, they would kill him (Orwell Online). This threatens Snowball to stay away and makes the other pigs the leaders of Animal Farm. That is how threats are linked to rhetoric in Animal
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