Examples Of Role Conflict

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Have you ever experienced any role strain or role conflict? Role strain refers to tension among the roles connected to a single status. Role conflict occurs when incompatible role demands are placed on a person by two or more statuses held at the same time. However, between the two roles, role conflict has become a tough issue which is frequently concerned among teenagers and adults these decades. The more roles a person occupies, the more often role conflict occurs. Many people have been through this problem, and most of them including me have not gotten out of it yet. Therefore, I am one of the victims of role conflict who get extremely exhausted with many statuses to hold at the same time. As an academic student, a grateful daughter, a reliable…show more content…
My university life is demanding and challenging. For instance, I have to meet up with my group assignment members to complete or finish our tasks during weekends. Hence, I have less time to hang out and keep in touch with my friends. For instance, when my friend calls me to attend a party with our old friends, but my homework and assignment have to be done on that day, as a result, I can only say “Sorry, I cannot join”. Sometimes I feel frustrated that I cannot have some leisure time with my friends because I am always busy arranging my schedule for these chores. Moreover, from the Global Studies 201 Student’s Reader has been mentioned that the qualities of strong friendship contain common interests, loyalty, empathy, dependability, reciprocity, forgiveness and caring. Thus, missing one of those qualities will bring a friendship into the stage where it is not reliable or trustworthy anymore. To clarify, establishing a true friendship is hard because it takes time to cultivate and maintain, yet friendship can be spoiled or destroyed in a second. Nevertheless, if I decide not to support my friends when they need my assistance, they will be downhearted and disappointed with me, which may wreck our…show more content…
I used to believe that studying and working at the same would bring me professional experiences and substantial benefits for my future and careers. On the other hand, in real situation, since I have started working, I have realized that when the tasks are loaded I could not manage the time properly not just for my work but also my study. On account of these problems, I have no time to review my lesson which will then affect my grade in a negative way. For example, I supposed to review lessons for my upcoming exam which is approaching, yet I could not concentrate well due to the distraction of a project launching on the same date as the exam. This is the worst role conflict I have ever endured with; it brings not just tiring days but also pressure, less self-esteem and sleep
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