Examples Of Role Models In Sport

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Thousands of kids look up athletes across the globes. Athletes inspire kids and motivate kids. Some people revolve around sports, from football fans to runners. Some people watch sports and build their life around that. Some people play sports and build their life around it. Either way athletes are role models and sports have a lot to do with character.
I have been a sports player off and on through my life. The main sport being soccer. Growing up I always find the sport calling to me, I would see rocks of the ground and I had to kick it around. I got too into my cousin 's soccer games. Soccer shaped a lot of who I am, soccer has taught me how to commit, know when to make a move, and it has made me tolerant. Soccer is all about commiting to the ball, if one was to hesitate while going for a goal it will not be as powerful. I bring that into driving, school, talking, and writing. Along with committing one has to know exactly when to commit. Soccer is about timing, if I get to a certain position is a certain amount of time I will
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For example, there is Joe Dimaggio who tried his very best to hold up his front of being a clean cut guy so that kids did not start smoking. Some athletes take being a role model very seriously because they know kids are easily influenced. Thousands of kids have been taken out the ghettos by role models that are athletes. These kids go on to join the NBA, NFL, NPSL, or other large professional leagues. Athletes will tell the press over and over again who their favorite athlete was growing and how that inspired them to be like their athlete. In recent interviews Kobe Bryant has said Michael Jordan inspires him. In all, athletes can be role models, idols, and saints to people and that is okay because those athletes are inspiring people to do great things with their life. However, one could argue that athletes do many bad things and should not be idols and that sports have nothing to do with
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