Examples Of Romantic Love In Twilight

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Twilight novel shows more differences than similarities from the old vampire literature. In Twilight, the main characters are good vampires. They have several human qualities and a conscience that sets them apart from the traditional vampires than were more supernatural beings than humans and with no conscience. Meyer has created vampire characters that make the main vampires more like humans by passing on human characteristics into their life of vampires. Consequently, there is a thin line between the world of the vampires and the real world. Vampires can thus for improbable relations with human beings even though they are their natural enemies because of their desire for human blood. The incorporation of romantic and love stories makes…show more content…
Twilight series have been used to shape the perceptions of relational communication and satisfaction as well as attitude towards romantic relationship. In order to maintain and develop romantic love communication strategies ought to be analyzed and followed by the couples. The myth in Twilight has presented romantic love though mythical but sounds applicable and realistic. Therefore, it is easy for the readers to learn from the stories and achieve developing relationships and romance. A popular culture is always criticized for building unreal expectations on the romantic relationships that form imaginations of satisfaction and attitudes in communication relationships. It is proposed by Radway that romance reading offers most readers with an escape from the patriarchal system and mundane existence. By examining the reasons as to why women like reading romantic novels and the meaning that they glean, it is argued that romances follow structure that is very strict, where the woman is portrayed as beautiful, sexually immature and defiant, contrasted to a brooding handsome man who is usually able to show gentle and soft gestures (Click et al. 199). Ultimately, Radway comes to a conclusion that reading of romantic books is influenced by dissatisfaction, where female readers look for care and…show more content…
Twilight portrays romantic love as the most important thing in life by giving romantic relationships a priority over other kinds of relationships like relationships with friends and family. Edward is related to his family, but he sees that his death would not mean anything to them. Apart from her destructive conduct, Bella shows that it is okay to abandon one’s friends for love. When Edward comes into Bella’s life, she spends less time with her friends. Later when Edward abandons her in the New Moon, she is so regretful that she abandoned her human friends. Besides, when Bella is with her female friends, their conversation is about boys, stressing the importance of having a romantic relationship. For example, during the New Moon, Bella tries to engage with friends after Edward leaves her, but she cannot maintain a conversation with Jessica until when she asks Jessica about her romantic relationship (Click et al. 129). In Eclipse, Bella offers to assist her friend Angela address the invitations to her graduation, and in their conversations, all they discuss is their boyfriends. Bella at one point desperately wants to become a vampire even though she will never see her family again. It confirms that romantic relations are more important in Twilight than other kinds of

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