Scarlet Letter Romanticism Essay

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There are a lot of known magnificent writers in American literature like Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Emily Dickinson and Herman Melville. The writers seek to express the romantic worldview in a form of romanticism. A novel is majestic, emotionally intense and often is having symbolic overtones. A romantic novel is actually not a love story, it is a serious novel, which uses special hardware to transmit a complex, sometimes subtly fine sense. Instead of carefully drawn realistic characters, the authors have used an abundance of details, there were created a heroic figure that at times seemed more than life itself. The novelists filled the actions of their characters a special and mystical meaning. Typical heroes of American romanticism…show more content…
The novel comes to therefore is the obsession that Calvinists was a topic of morality; repression of sexuality; feelings of guilt and the need for repentance; the question of the salvation of the soul. In this work there were talking about the problems, of which the discussion was banned in America in XIX century, as the impact of the new democratic experience on individual behavior, particularly sexual and religious freedom rights. The author uses allegories, which so often resorted early Puritan colonists. Revolutionary ideology also played a role in the glorification of a proud freedom - even if it was the freedom of a single person. If we consider the situation from a psychological and historical point of view, it is possible to find a parallel in the teen rebellion against parents, which in this case is represented in England. The entire British Empire, as it embodied a large family. The Americans won their independence, and then faced with a difficult task - how to reveal their identities and separate from the old authorities. This scenario was played endlessly on the frontier, and it came down to the fact that loneliness often seems the basic condition of life American. Puritans, and in the future - protestants may also have weakened family ties, preaching the idea that the first duty of man is to save
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