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Rowland Reflection JournalRowland, RubyColorado Christian UniversitySession 1-Instructor Sarah WightmanJournal Rowland Reflection Journal2AroundJuly of 2017, after 18 years of marriage I divorced, I was devastated. My husband was not a bad man and had been raised a man of God but somewhere down the line alcohol won him over. He had an affair previously and I took him back as he promised he would seek help. After 7 years I realized that this was never going to happen, in fact it had worsened and his health and behaviors began to deteriorate. I was getting to the point to where it consumed me with worry about his health and my/our future and frankly I just didn’t want to be around him when he was like that. Since the beginning of our marriage he had always drank, but was always very good to meand my family. In fact, he is still good to most of my family members so I overlooked several things. In the past year or two it just got to a point that I could not trust anything he would say. He would say he would do something one time, then completely do a 180 and never follow through.I am not the most devout Christian and do not always attend church on a regular basis but I do have an internal sense of right and wrong and try to live and let live and not judge others. However, when one of my friend’s asked me to dinner one night and told me that my husband had hit her up via social media and asked her to dinner I was floored. Like, who does that? She told me that if he has

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