Examples Of Sacrifice In A Tale Of Two Cities

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Jocelyn Brown
Ms. Taylor
Honors English 9
February 7th, 2018
Rebirth and Sacrifice
1789. The French Revolution is preparing to start and many lives will be taken. This historic event lives on as a man named Charles Dickens writes and publishes a historical fiction based around this Revolution. Dickens has written a beautifully plotted book with many secrets to uncover and brand new events around every corner. Growing up as a young boy was pretty rough for him, as he faced conflicts with his family and with finances. He discovered a passion to write and in 1859, A Tale Of Two Cities was published into the public eye for anyone to read and enjoy. Readers end up learning about the lives of many characters. Dr. Manette, father to Lucie Manette and imprisoned for trying the bring the crimes of the Evremondes to the public trial. Charles Darnay, secretly Charles Evremonde, and an aristocrat who lives in England, because he disagrees with the social castes of France. Sydney Carton, an English lawyer who spends a great deal of his life drunk, has a brilliant legal mind and shares a striking resemblance to Charles Darnay. With many characters and conflicts, there are bound to be many themes throughout the book. One major
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In A Tale of Two Cities, the author, Charles Dickens, uses the imprisonment and mental instability of Dr. Manette, the switching places by Sydney Carton, and the name changing by Charles
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