Examples Of Sacrifice In Anne Frank

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1. Courage, compassion, and sacrifice tell a lot about who you are and what others see of you. During the following paragraphs, you will hear about some people that showed all of these things during a time of need. This is a story of “Anne frank”. Mr. Frank, Mr.Kraler, and Miep showed these things. In this time 1930-1945 these people were compassionate had a lot of courage and showed great sacrifice during Hitler's reign of terror on the Jews. Mr. Frank has been in hiding for about 2 years and they hid because they did not want to get caught by the nazis . Mr. Frank has been Joined in the annex with his family and another family. It was a very tight fit for them and there wasn't too much space.
Courage the ability to do something that frightens one. In around 1935-1945 Anne Frank and her family moved
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4.Sacrifice Sacrifice in this paragraph I'm going to talk about how Mr.Kraler and Miep showed sacrifice. Mr.Krawler is willing to sacrifice all he had just so he could protect Mr.Frank. Meip shows a lot of sacrifices as well, by helping Mr.Frank and Mrs.Frank plus all the others during their time of need as well. She was there almost every time once a week to bring them food, games or as much as she could at the time. Mr.Krawler kept them a secret and gave them a place to stay, he was also a very good friend of Mr.Frank.
So in conclusion, Mr.Frank, Mr.Kraler, and Miep show lots of Compassion, Courage, and sacrifice in Frank's time of need. Mr. Frank cared a lot about his family and wanted to protect them. Meip is really compassionate towards the Franks and wanted to help them. These people showed all of the things that make a good character. They were very helpful and they did help out the Franks a lot and they did it because they cared about them and because they were their friends. I would probably not have the guts to help like they
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