Examples Of Sacrifice In Casablanca

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Casablanca, an American romantic comedy made in 1942, chronicles the decision of a man exercising his love for a woman by helping her and her husband escape Casablanca. The film features Rick, claiming to be neutral in every situation, and his encounter with one whom he once loved, Ilsa. Given the nature of Casablanca, Rick has to be careful with the “letters of transit” which hold the power to accommodate the refugees who yearn to reach the still-neutral United States. Through the course of the film, Rick, as well as other characters, must reluctantly succumb to sacrifice while attempting to evade the lies and deceit that are present in Casablanca. Rick, Ilsa, and Laszlo in some form all face sacrifice through which they must give up something despite the fact that they may not necessarily want to. Laszlo, a Czech…show more content…
Due to his desire to fight for what is right, he sacrifices his secrecy. He puts others’ needs in front of his own in his fight against the Nazis. For example, he agrees to sacrifice himself for the sole purpose of letting his wife escape Casablanca. Additionally, he has a great passion for politics. Most of his actions derive from his motivation to conquer the Nazis. Despite the difficulty, Laszlo feels fortunate to go through the experience of struggle and sacrifice. Ilsa and Rick’s goodbye to each other serves as a huge sacrifice throughout this film. When realizing that Laszlo is in fact alive, albeit very sick, she leaves Rick at the train station to tend to him. She sacrificed her love for Rick in order to aid her ailing husband. In fact, prior to her first meeting with Rick, she asked Sam, the pianist, to play a song called “As Time Goes By.” Despite Rick’s animosity towards that song, Sam continues to play it, resulting in a remembrance of the beginning
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