Examples Of Sacrifice In King Lear

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Everyone has to make sacrifices in their lives. Sometimes it is out of necessity while other times people make sacrifices for their loved ones out of the kindness of their hearts. When sacrifices are made for others you can perceive their values and personality because they give up everything without having guaranteed something in return. For example, in the play “King Lear” the king’s youngest daughter, Cordelia, sacrifices everything just to stay true to herself and for her father. It all began because King Lear was already at an old age so he decided to divide his kingdom to his three daughters. There was a requirement for the women to get their father’s land and it was to express how much they loved their father and who ever he thought loved him more would get the most land. The two older daughters described their love to the king with beautiful words which earned them a great amount of land; however when it was Cordelia’s turn to speak she did not say anything. She simply stated she loved her father the way a daughter is supposed to but one day she would marry and love another man besides her father. King Lear was infuriated with Cordelia; he banned her from the kingdom, did not give her any land, and completely disowned her. Although Cordelia was left with nothing for sacrificing everything just to be truly honest, the King of France still chose to marry her for her honesty and she left with him. The king was left with two supposedly loving daughters that would sacrifice anything for him. Nonetheless,when he began to live with the…show more content…
First she accepts losing everything just to be honest then even after her bad treatment, she comes back to save her father. She was a loyal, honest person who loved her father deeply even though she could not express it in words. In the end the truth came out and Cordelia was King Lear’s only actual daughter willing to sacrifice everything and anything for
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