Examples Of Sacrifice In Romeo And Juliet

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Every day, people in the world make sacrifices for good and evil, resulting in good and bad outcomes. Sacrifices are made in times of war and peace, in times of desperation, and in times of love. Any sacrifice made should be thought out carefully and should have all the consequences weighed out. In Romeo and Juliet, almost every character has been met with the decision of making a sacrifice. Some are big and some are minuscule in comparison to others, but they all had one thing in common: their sacrifices had consequences and led to different outcomes. Romeo and Juliet made many sacrifices to be with each other. The decisions and sacrifices made every day in life can either be worth the sacrifice or lead to an individual’s demise, as well as the demise of others around them. Romeo had made sacrifices throughout the story that has taken their toll on the people around him. One thing he sacrificed was his relationship with the Capulets. Their families were already feuding, but Romeo got caught up in the tension and made things worse. By going to the party in the first act of the story, he provoked Tybalt. This later leads to conflict in the story that results in both Tybalt and Mercurio getting killed and getting Romeo banished. Tybalt said, “‘Patience perforce with willful choler meeting. Makes my…show more content…
They can hold a big risk and should always be thought out carefully and rationally. If not, the individual may regret their decision. Romeo and Juliet loved each other dearly; they sacrificed relationships, comfort, and even their own lives for each other. Their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their friends and family brought them closer in the beginning, but it ultimately led to a horrific and violent end. In ordinary cases, sacrifices can change someone’s life. However, in extreme cases, they can take someone’s
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