Examples Of Sacrifice In The Crucible

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Truth and sacrifice

The Crucible, by American author Arthur Miller, is a play about a parochial community stuck in a state of anarchy in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. A religious group known as Puritans lived in Salem at the time believed strongly in being subservient to the bible. A group of girls were caught dancing in the woods, and they would be posthaste to cover up themselves to make them seem immaculate, they started blaming others for their actions. The true innocents, the ones with a good name, end up hanging due to their value of truth. This play was written in 1952 during the period of the “Red Scare”. This is when people who believed or invested in Communism they were treated like being a witch in Salem. In The Crucible, ideas of truth and sacrifice and evil and injustice are displayed throughout.

John Proctor and Giles Cory are two characters chosen to show truth and sacrifice. They had sacrificed there life to keep some truth in Salem during the play
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They believe that it's better to die and good soul then sell it to something that isn't true, that character who showed truth and sacrifice is Giles Corey. Giles is a vigorous man who stood by the truth and wouldn't quit and concur to the lies that were traveling amongst the air in Salem. For him to stay strongly to his word he was stoned as a result, each time the men would threaten or uragoon him he would simply reply by saying “add more” John Proctor even said that “Giles Cory is a fearsome man”.

In The Crucible there is a constant theme of evil and injustice as well as truth and sacrifice in the end though, truth and sacrifice shines over the rest the dramatic act if John Proctor willingly giving his life to stay true to himself is the real game changer. instead of giving in to injustice that was brought upon him he stood strong and gave his

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