Examples Of Sacrifice In The Memory Keeper's Daughter

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The sacrifices an individual makes for the sake of others really says something about them as a person. For example, in the story The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards, Caroline takes in Phoebe to be her child, putting her whole life on hold so Phoebe has a chance of having a happy life. To begin, after Phoebe’s birth, David Henry instructs Caroline to take Phoebe to an institution. When she arrives at this run down building, she can’t get herself to do it. Instead of leaving Phoebe in those awful conditions, she decides to take Phoebe to be her daughter. It is best stated by Edwards when she writes, ”In every end, then, a beginning.” (Edwards.68). Caroline’s decision ends the life that she knew and throws her into the life of being a mother. Caroline leaves everything behind for the betterment of Phoebe’s life. In her sacrifice of her old life Caroline does go on to find that she also gains much more from Phoebe. She reflects on all the joys Phoebe brings to her life: seeing Phoebe make new friends,…show more content…
She wasn’t thinking about what would happen to her after deciding to raise Phoebe, she just went for it. These decisions also supply a much deeper mean to the piece as a whole. When Caroline takes Phoebe with her to start a new life, they do not start with much. Even though life did not give them the best of circumstances, they still make due and they even eventually make a better life for themselves. It shows that anyone can change their current situation and improve it. In conclusion, the great sacrifices Caroline took for Phoebe truly display the positive character traits in Caroline and what she values as a person. She undertakes one of the biggest selfless acts anyone can do, knowing not much would benefit her in doing it. She truly shows that when you do nice things for others, great things come back to
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