Examples Of Sacrifice In The Witch Of Blackbird Pond

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Sacrifice is in every part of your life. For example, you sacrifice time to study. The knowledge received is important, but what about what you lose, such as valuable time? In the book The Witch of Blackbird Pond, by Elizabeth George Speare, the main character, Kit, is tested through many rather unfortunate events and write something here that ties into sacrifice. Kit lost her grandfather so she has to cross the Atlantic to live with her aunt and uncle, along with her two cousins, Judith and Mercy. It turns out her uncle, Matthew, has some problems welcoming her. When The Dolphin nears land, it rides down a river to Wethersfield, and in the meantime, a child by the name of Prudence drops a doll in the water. Kit then dives in and swims to get it, which made Goodwife Cruff, the mother of Prudence, think that Kit performed witchcraft. Worse yet, Kit befriends Hannah, who is also thought to be a witch and is given blame for the plague that sweeps town, killing three children. Hannah’s house is then burned down by the townsfolk in hope to stop the plague, and Kit suggests her to run off with her. They then come across The Dolphin…show more content…
Although, in the resolution of the story, others sacrifice as well. On page 193, Kit has the opportunity to leave to Barbados, but she didn’t because Mercy was ill and she wanted to help her recover. “‘Tis Mercy, she’s terribly ill. I couldn’t go, I just couldn’t, not knowing---.” On page 202, Rachel sacrifices her coat for Kit because Kit is cold in a cell. “Yours feels damp, keep this on you, Kit. It may be cold in that place.” On page 216, Prudence and Nat sacrificed their time to help Kit in her trial. “Nat! The wave of joy and relief was so unexpected that she almost lost her balance, but it drained away and left a new fear. For she saw that beside him, clinging tightly to his hand, was Prudence

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