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Sample-return missions are missions that have the goal of collecting samples from extraterrestrial locations to Earth for tests and analysis. As time progressed, space agencies like NASA want to eventually send humans to explore another planet, potentially Mars. Mars is the fourth planet in our solar system. One main goal of NASA is to colonize Mars. In order to accomplish this task, there needs to some samples collected from Mars. This mission will explore Mars by collecting samples of its rocks, soil, and atmosphere. Rovers will accompany astronauts throughout this mission.
The purpose of this mission is to collect samples of rocks, soil, and atmosphere from Mars. This will help scientists find ways to colonize Mars. The rock samples can inform people about the surface. Therefore, scientists can design vehicles that can drive
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This will help scientists accomplish their goal of colonizing Mars. Through this mission, scientists will learn more about the land on Mars. As stated earlier, the rocks can show the elements that exist of Mars. The soil can inform people if the ground is healthy for planting crops. The samples of the atmosphere can tell what the air is made of. This can help scientists prove theories correct or incorrect which is important in the advancement of science. Also, the samples can help space agencies like NASA create vehicles and train astronauts properly to successfully accomplish the goal of colonizing Mars.
The mission type will be a sample-return mission. It will collect samples of abiotic factors from Mars. The first sample that will be collected are rocks. The rocks will share information about the ground and elements on Mars. The second element that is to be collected is the soil. Just like the rocks, the soil will tell more about the ground and elements. The atmosphere will share information about the elements in the air, seasonal patterns, and

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