Examples Of Sanity In Hamlet

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Hamlet is a play that is largely about a prince, Hamlet trying to get revenge on the man who commited his father 's murder. A question is raised however, which is that of whether or not he is sane or crazy. There are many scenes throughout the play in which he displays an almost crazed state of mind which cause many to question his sanity throughout the play. And so the question becomes was he faking it to see if his uncle truly murdered his father, or was he truly insane? It is my firm belief that he is faking it and is only using his facade to ensnare his uncle into a trap so that he can kill him. Before I get into the the evidence that will prove my points I would first like to go into a little set-up starting from the beginning of the play. When the play opens we seem to find Hamlet almost melancholy and stable, which then his stability is rocked a bit by the arrival of a ghost that looks just like his father. Now at this point we definitely begin to think of him an insane, but there are a few things I Would like to point out here. Firstly, he isn 't the only one to see this apparition, in fact, it is seen by two guards and his close friend Horatio whom are the first to see it and report it to Hamlet. Lastly, he also isn 't the only to here what the ghost has to say, Which is a story of betrayal and murder by his uncles part and an unholy union between them and his mother. Hamlet does doubt this ghost and its intentions, wondering if it might in fact be the devil

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