Examples Of Satan In Paradise Lost

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PARADISE LOST SATAN AS A HEROIC FIGURE John Milton (1608-1674) was often considered the most learned poet of all time. He was known for his exceptional knowledge in both modern and ancient worlds of theology. His first poem was “On The Morning Of Christ’s Nativity”. He showed particular interest in writing about God and his ways since the very beginning of his time. His poetry was also directed towards the High Church Party of the Church of England. Milton used his pen to defend the Republican principles. He was a heretic. On a religious basis, the question “Who is Milton?” is still debated. Philip Pullman said (about Milton), “when he writes about Hell and Devil, he writes with freedom. But when he writes about Heaven and Angels, he writes with chains”. He feels that Milton is of the devil’s party and that he knows it. In accordance with this belief, one may say that, in Satan, Milton portrays a part of himself. He brings out his beliefs and his arguments against God through the character of Satan. And sure enough, it is evident in many sections of the poem, that Satan is indeed a heroic figure. Despite the fact that Paradise Lost was written more than three centuries ago, it still raises the controversial question of whether Satan is the hero of this epic poem. In biblical and mythical texts, Satan was portrayed as an evil figure, an enemy to God and thus, an enemy to mankind. He is considered an antagonistic figure who attempts to undermine God at every step. One who
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