Examples Of Satire In Gulliver's Travels

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Other than the fact that Gulliver’s Travels is a satire and a fantasy novel, what else does it represent? Gulliver’s Travels as a comedy, travelogue and a Science Fiction Gulliver’s travel is a novel written by an Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift. Jonathan swift used to be a writer for The Whigs, and later he wrote for the Tories. Gulliver’s Travels is one of the works of Swift which is popularly known all over the world. Gulliver’s Travels uses humor, irony and exaggerations to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or their behaviors in the society which needs to be corrected. The novel Gulliver’s travels is a satire and a fantasy and it can additionally represent comedy, travelogue and science fiction as well. Gulliver’s Travels can represent the genre of comedy other than satire and a fantasy novel. This novel contains ridiculous situations which satirize mankind such as politicians, scientist and Englishmen in general who are fit to be laughed on. After Gulliver reaches the island of Lilliput he finds out that the emperor elects his high court officials by examining their skills with ribbon where they have to jump and dance on it. The Lilliputians have a trend of differentiating high-heeled and the…show more content…
The imaginative characters and their ridiculous behaviors is an exaggerated mockery of the people during Augustan period. The protagonist Gulliver continues to go on an adventure because of the obstacles he faces which ends him up in wonderful mystical places. Swift as well as describes the Laputan island from the view of scientific knowledge, thus making it a scientific fiction. The text Gulliver’s travel is the appreciable renowned work of Swift as it satirizes numerous things in a humorous witty way. Therefore this novel is a comedy, travelogue and a science
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