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The Big Lebowski The Big Lebowski is a movie that really shows a lot of satire between the characters,and also some of the events that happened in The Big Lebowski. Satire is a word that shows humor, irony and exaggeration. My essay is going to be talking three main topics that I think The Big Lebowski shows during the film. The three topics I am talking about are irony, exaggeration and some satire that happens between the characters in the film. In the film The Big Lebowski the characters have a big part in showing satire. Here are some examples I think the characters show a lot of satire. One of the examples the characters show a lot of satire is when the dude, which is the main character in the film, lives in a trashy house and has a rug in his room that got stolen and he made a big deal about it getting stolen, but he lives in a trashy house. Another reason in the film that uses the characters showing satire is when walter pulled a gun on Donny for stepping over the line and not putting a zero on the card, he was wanting to put an eight. The last reason is Jeff Lebowski, the super rich ridiculed one who can’t even manage his own money much less his marriage. The Big lebowski shows a lot of irony in the film. Some examples of The Big Lebowski showing irony in the film is when Donny passed away and the Dude…show more content…
The film shows the exaggeration between the characters. An example from the film when the characters are showing exaggeration is when the Dude makes a big deal about the rug that tied the room together got stolen. Another example from the story that shows exaggeration between the characters is when Walter and the Dude are dumping the ashes and Walter is talking to himself about Donny and Jesus. The final example I thought that showed exaggeration in the film is when the Dude and Walter find out that the money wasn’t in the briefcase and the Dude and Walter go and confront Jeff

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