Examples Of Satire In The Time Machine

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The Satire of the Industrial Revolution and Imperialism In The Time Machine Throughout history, many countries and cultures have spread across continents in order to create a more powerful society. Some of the great conquerors of our human history, Napoleon and Alexander the great, have control vast empires across many continents. Great Britain was to be the next great empire to expand in the 1800’s. During the 19th century Great Britain expanded their empire across India, Asia and parts of Africa. Britain used an imperialistic government in order to take over areas of the world to add political, social and economic wealth to their empire. The advancement of the British Empire was exponential with the coupling of the industrial revolution and imperialism that defined British economic, political and social structure across their expanding empire. The industrial revolution was the machine that would empower while imperialism dictated who would be controlled. Through the characterization of both imperialism and the industrial revolution, in his book “The Time Machine”, H.G. Wells uses symbolism to explore the destructive nature and shortcomings of both processes as they changed the world around him. It is important to understand how H.G. Wells was brought up in order to better understand the use of his symbolisms. H.G. Wells, the Author of “The Time Machine”, was born in Bromley, Kent in 1866. Wells’s parents were lower class servants to the rich upper class. Well’s was able
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